Power Escorts - Smart Bodyscale with app - works with bluetooth and your mobile - Colour box

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Power Escorts – Smart Bodyscale with app – works with bluetooth and your mobile – Colour box

Measure: BMI | Resting Calorie Needs (BMR) | Weight | Fat percentage | Muscle mass | bone mass | Visceral fat | Moisture content
 Including smart function
 Memory function 9999 persons
 Bottom with anti-slip
Reach your fitness goal even faster by having exact insight into your body composition! Keep track of your process with this Smart Scale from Power Escorts. 
Using the FeelFit app, view changes in your weight, BMI, muscle mass, protein, fat percentage, and much more! Motivate yourself to push that little bit 
harder and see your goal closer faster! The FeelFit app also syncs with apps like FitBit and Apple Health.

11 types of measurements
Get more insight into the composition of your body with the help of a detailed body analysis. Measure not only your weight, but also your body fat 
percentage, body water, muscle mass, metabolic age, skeletal muscle mass, bone mass, protein, visceral fat percentage, bmr and bmi.

Free FeelFit App
Each of the 11 measurements is tracked in the accompanying FeelFit app. As soon as your smartphone is connected with Bluetooth, it automatically saves
 the measurements in the app. This way you can easily keep track of your process and work towards your end goal even faster! FeelFit can also be synced 
with Samsung Health, FitBit, Apple Health and Google Fit.

Accurate BIA technology
There are four metal measuring plates on the scale that estimate your body composition by means of a 'Bioelectrical Impendence Analysis' (BIA). 
This technology sends a signal through your body, as it were. Based on what is reflected back to the metal plates, all the different measurements can be 

Power Escorts Smart Scale
✔ Access to the FeelFit App
✔ Auto Sync
✔Android and iOS
✔ Accurate Measurements
✔ Clearly readable LED screen

Infinite number of users
It is not convenient if everyone has to buy their own scale at home. That is why you can easily connect multiple people to the smart scale. 
Everyone can use the FeelFit App. This way your entire household can enjoy the benefits of the scale!

Stylish and strong
The scale is finished with a 6 mm thick glass plate of tempered glass with a modern design. As soon as you step on the scale, it turns on automatically.
 So you don't have to play around with buttons! Thanks to the non-slip studs on the bottom, you're always safe on the scale.
Thanks to the advanced technology, the smart scale measures more than just your body weight. The scale is designed to calculate the most accurate body composition (weight, body fat and water percentage, plus muscle and bone mass).

You use the smart scale in combination with an app that you can download for free in the app store or in the google store. On the app you can keep track of various data about your body such as BMI, fat percentage, muscle mass and much more. This way you can track your progress with precision and easily achieve your personal goals.

Measurements clearly arranged via the app:
Measure your health with the smarttech smart scale. The scale is able to take 8 standard different measurements, namely:
Fat content
Moisture content
muscle mass
bone mass
BMR (Calorie Needed at Rest)
BMI (Body Mass Index)
Visceral Fat Level
In addition to the 8 standard measurements, there are 4 additional measurements to be taken, namely:

body age
Weight without fat
⚠ Attention! For an optimal measurement use a hard surface, no carpet etc. and always use the scale with bare feet for the best measurement.

Order your Smart Scale today and receive it at home tomorrow to measure your weight!

Product advantages:
8 usage profiles.
12 different measurements.
Modern/Safe Design.
Full body analysis.
Handy app “OKOK”

Product size: 300x265x22 mm
LCD Display: 75x31mm
Capacity: 5-180 kg (Unit kg lb st)
Power: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

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